a day in the life

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I am a faulty string of blue Christmas lights.
& not and, ♥tony, adolph hilter in minehead, attempting to crochet, belle and or sebastian, cheesy 80's pop-music, clone high, cocksucker-pink nail polish, ewwww! i mean... supercool!!!, foyle's war, g3&g4, gay.com peace out, goodnight moon, having my eyebrow pierced, homo (erotic) milk, inspector morse, jem and the holigrams, knitting, lawn flamingos, macs, makeout photos, making rediculous ipod playlists, metal kazoos, mirage (rip♥), monty python, nancy motha-fuckin drew, obvious stalking, pen15, roonil wazlib, running (with scissors), s club 7!!!, skinny boys, songs to dance to, south park, spicing up your life, stealing vending machine stickers., super nintendo entertainment system, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the beatles, the canadian tire guy, the scenesters, tom petty, truely outrageous earrings, tv class, wankstas, wearing sombreros at work, wearing sunglasses at night, weebl & bob, white ninja comics,

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